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  1. Thanks for the reply and advice. I have involved a DUI lawyer today after discussing with 6 to 7 different law firms. But i am not sure if i can involve any personal immigration lawyer because my H1B is sponsored by company. Is it really true that my H1B will be revoked by USCIS. I asked my HR and they even don't know about it.
  2. I have been arrested for DUI and accident for the first time in my lifetime in Long Island, NY on 15th Feb morning with BAC level 0.17 and got bail on the same day. No one was injured by the accident as i hit cars in roadside parking. As per my understanding from other forums, my visa which is valid till March, 2022 will be revoked soon by USCIS. Currently i am in middle of my visa amendment process for different state. My current petition is valid till March, 2022 but the client is not valid as that project in NY is completed and closed. My question is, am i still legal to work in US? Will my amendment process get affected due to this DUI issue. My DUI convection is still pending for Judgement in the court. Please provide some suggestion what should i do now?
  3. My DUI convention is in NY state. I did not informed my employer yet. Please give me some suggestion on this.
  4. I have DUI convection for the first time on 15th Feb, 2020 with BAC level 0.17 and had an accident. But no one was injured or harmed due to the accident as i hit empty cars in parking. My VISA amendment is in progress for different locations and my visa is approved till 2022. Now my question is how i will be impacted by all this. I am going through real bad time and need some suggestions.