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  1. RK Singh

    EB1 processing

    I’m on H1 B visa and currently working for employer A who filed GC in EB2. I’m having offer with employer B, who was also one of my past employer and I was in a managerial position when I left them 9 years back. Now I’ll be joining at more senior cadre with this employer B. My query is, if employer B wants, will they be able to file for my GC in EB1. please advice.
  2. Hello There, Have following situation a. Current employer PERM is pending processing with USCIS b. Have approved I-140 from future employer, however don’t want to change job for now c. H1-B 6 year cap is about to expire in 4 months Please advise, can H1-B extension be filed being with current employer based on approved I-140 from future employer.
  3. Need advise on following situation Current employer H1- B full 6 years duration is due to Complete in Nov 2020, and current employer filed for PERM and is awaited approval. However, have an approved I-140 from a future employer. My question, can my current employer apply for H1B extn based on future employment I-140 without me joining the future employer.