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  1. o12020

    Got DUI on H1b Visa

    Overall you will be fine as long as it’s first dui without injuries you should be fine.
  2. o12020

    Got DUI on H1b Visa

    There are multiple posts regarding dui In this forum. You should be prepared for rfe on application, as well keep extra time 6 to 8 weeks when you go for stamping as you will have to go through medical exam
  3. o12020

    Visa Processing Post DUI

    Updating POE Experience: POE SFO Asked to go to secondary exam. Me and my wife sat there for about 15-20 minutes. No questions were asked after officer reviewed file. He stamped the visa and we were on our way.
  4. o12020

    Visa Processing Post DUI

    I received very useful information from this forum and hence posting my experience. Arrested for suspected DUI in November 2018. Case still ongoing. Visa processing at Mumbai consulate. Visa Type: O1 Biometrics: Jan 10th Visa Interview: Jan 14th. Visa officer asked about my new Job, research and then requested court documents for DUI. She discussed with another officer inside and said they would ask for court documents later. I should start with Medical first. Medical: Jan 15th Passport Submission with Medical receipt: Jan 24th Case Updated: Jan 27th Passport returned with green 221g asking for court documents: Feb 11th Court documents with Passport Submitted: Feb 11th Case Updated: Feb 12th Congressional inquiry initiated by congressional liaison upon request by my Work place: Feb 19th Case updated: Feb 24th (Not sure if congressional inquiry helped or it was coincedental) Visa Issued: Feb 25th I will post POE once I return back.
  5. o12020

    H4 stamping with DUI Mumbai

    @vin18may What was the final outcome. I am in similar situation. Thnx
  6. o12020

    Arrested for DWI and H1B extension

    Hi all, Trying to find out what to expect next. Transitioning from H1b to O1. Here is my timeline: Jan 14: I appeared for interview in Mumbai consulate where the officer mentioned they will ask for court documents later but start with medical exam for dui. Jan 15: I completed medical exam Jan 24: Passport submission with 221g form and medical fee receipt as asked on white 221g. Jan 27: Case status update Feb11: 2 weeks later I got green 221g, asking for court documents. My case is open hence I submitted motions filed with court including the last motion to continue the case into April. Feb 12: The case last got updated yesterday however, the case continues to be in administrative processing. The anxiety is starting to kick in as the process has stretched for a almost a month and now I am not sure what to expect further since they now have everything that was requested including medical exam and court documents. How much longer would it take for the consulate to make a decision?