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  1. PhD in Electrical Engineering
  2. Thank you. Did you apply at the Ottawa consulate? Also, did they take you passport during the Interview, or you have to sent it after?
  3. federer123

    221g Ottawa

    Hey, do you have any update on your application. I am also on administrative processing. I am looking to see what is the timeline for complete processing
  4. HI every one. On January 14th I went to the US consulate in Ottawa for my Visa interview. I am a PhD student and prior that I did my undergrad in the US as well. After my interview was done, the officer handed me a yellow slip 221(g) and asked me to submit my CV and a list of my publication. I submitted the documents the same day. It has been almost 30 days. I was wondering if any one has had a similar experience and how long was the wait. Thank you for any help.