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  1. I am an Australian currently living in the US on an E3-D visa. I applied to get my EAD back in October and this is still being processed. I sent original supporting documents (passports) with my initial application by mistake. I have spoken to the USCIS contact centre a number of times asking how I can get these returned back to me. A request was sent by an officer requesting these back of which I received communication in December from USCIS stating that my original documents are required to make a decision on my case. I have also sent the G-884 (Request for Original Documents) in January to ensure that these do get sent back regardless. However, I now need to travel back to Australia as a family member has fallen ill. I contacted the centre to make a request to get my passport back but this could still take 15+ days to hear back from them on this request. The other option I am looking into is getting a new Australian Passport which only takes 3 weeks to get. My main question then is how will by 1-765 application be affected if I do get a new passport? Do I need to send these details to them once I have a new passport number? Any advice on this situation would be extremely helpful. Thank you in advance.