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  1. admiralg_o7

    B2 visa for my mother and father to visit for graduation

    It is not legally recognised in India. Though a good amount of Indians practise it. My doubt is if my mother puts my dad's name as spouse in her DS-160 as it reflects in her passport. Will it be a problem as my fathers passport has his first wife's name. My mother will be attending her interview alone.
  2. admiralg_o7

    B2 visa for my mother and father to visit for graduation

    Hi thank you for replying. I am from India. I do not understand by "let your dad negotiate the formalities of DS-160". I am filling it for them because they can not read or write in English.
  3. Hello, I would like to invite my parents for my graduation ceremony. My father has two wives. And my mother is his second wife. While filling up my mothers DS-160. What should I put her marital status as? The options are Married, Common law marriage, civil union/Domestic relationship, single, divorced, legally separated and other. My mother has my fathers name as Spouse in her passport. If I put any of the this Married, Common law marriage, civil union/Domestic relationship I am required to give my fathers details in family section. And if choose other what should I input in the box. This seems a problem as my father's passport has his first wife's name. So while filling up his DS-160 I do not know how to include my mothers name(his Second wife) in his form. There is no any provision for that. Both are funding their own trip on their own and will be attending their interviews separately. I am worried that for my mother's interview my father's passport details will be checked and see a different name in spouse in his passport(his first wife's name) and consider it as lies and therefore reject visa based on incorrect information. And what should he and she be refereed as in each other's travel companion? As if I put spouse for my father it won't match his passport which has his first wife's name as spouse. I am very confused as what to do. And how can I convey the correct information.