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  1. Hi All, I don't see any appointments on the Indian US embassy site for the rest of the year, and I'm pending a visit to my house for personal reasons for a long time now. Is it safe to get an appointment in some other country - like Canada or UAE?
  2. Hi, My H1b petition started in November 2020, and I haven't been able to India since it started, hence I don't have an H1b visa stamp. I have been waiting for months now to get an appointment on the cgifederal.secure.force.com website but I never see an open slot for consular appointment. It always shows no appointments available. I can still see VAC appointments(currently it shows first available in January 2022 for New Delhi, and October for Mumbai), but no consular appointments. I need to travel to India to visit my family, and would have to get an appointment otherwise won't be able to come back to US. Are new appointments being posted at all on the website? If not, is there any notice(or info) about when will the appointments be open?
  3. Desi Boy

    H1B visa interview in Delhi - info required

    @Rajendra Prasad Chimakurty Did you get any answer on this?
  4. Hi All, Really nice to join this forum. I've gotten H1b lottery approved this year with consular processing from my company, and my current company lawyer told me that I have to travel to india to apply for H1b in india and get it approved to change to H1b status. I'm considering changing companies now. The new company would demand a joining date, and if that date is 2 months ahead(2 weeks of notice period in current company + 1 month approx visa processing time in india), I might lose the offer. Also I don't know what would my visa status be when I travel to india after leaving the current company. I'm currently on F1 EAD STEM Extension with 17 months remaining. Should I travel to india to transfer to H1b before putting my resignation or is it safe to join the new company without needing to travel to india to transfer to H1b?