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    i140 withdraw

    Hello - Please help here. I have completed 8 years on H1B and my previous employer has filed my green card, my I140 was approved in 2016 and I have joined current employer in 2019, My current H1B status is valid until Dec 2020. As I have already used approved I140 (from previous employer) for extension with current employer. When I will apply next extension, can I use same Approved I-140 even though my previous employer withdraw I140 or Do we need to have PERM/I140 approved with current employer. Please suggest.
  2. Hello - I have I-140 Approved from Previous employer 3 years back and I have joined new(current) employer 1 years back and extension was approved till Jan 2021 through current employer. Can previous employer withdraw Approved I-140 which would impact my next H1B exension as current employer has not port in PD from previous employer I140? Please help