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  1. Does filing for un-employment benefits for 6 moths ,is considered as Public Changeability under new law ? Does having a medicaid card for few months is also considered as Public Changeability? what would be the impact for a GC holder?
  2. We ( including wife and daughter) received my employment based green card in Sep 2013. The local USCIS office told that we are eligible to apply for the citizenship starting Sep 2018. I am planning to start the citizenship application process for my self and my family members. All these years all the H1B visa and green-card paper work used to handled by the attorneys from employer. Questions : Do you advise us to work with an immigration attorney to file our citizenship application paper work? Cloud you please suggest what all resources that i should refer for self-education on citizenship application process? Taking one year break to work and working on building own organization will have any impact on my citizenship application ?