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  1. Haven't. I am not even sure if mine is a TAL case. I work in manufacturing with oil&gas but my background is EE.
  2. I understand. In fact attending some technical meetings in Mexico was also one of the reason for stamping. And here I am stuck exactly in the opposite side of world ...I am smiling writing this and sad at the same time. Hope this dark days come to end soon and I can get back to family.
  3. It was in Ottawa but after that colored paper, I moved to Guelph...
  4. Is your Advise for Home country stamping purely in terms of expenses and convenience or does it matter by any means for processing as well ?
  5. I am in Guelph now. Mine is 2 weeks and I m already fed up. I can feel your pain...
  6. jpandya

    H1B Stamping @Toronto Jan27th,2020

    How did it go ? did you get your pp? i had in Ottawa on 24.
  7. Did you try contacting embassy by any means ? Hang on there. You already cleared a lot of wait. It’s probably not too far now. I work with materials and for oil and gas sector as well and is mentioned in my CV that VO took. I don’t think there are any rejections for manufacturing sector. Meanwhile, where are you located ?
  8. Yes.. VO kept the passport and she also conveyed that she would review it later on the same day. I believe she did and passport was returned by mail and then..... "TON" FORWARD Count begins... Irrespective of what some forum members has mentioned, I think retaining or returning the passport in interview has no implications whatsoever on the admin processing. For someone ( eg : who came on F1 and then approved H1 might have 1 or 2 arrival/departure stamps in passport. ) they might just keep it assuming passport holder has no travel plans and it would still take days / weeks to clear the AP. on other side, for some one who is a traveler and has multiple in/out stamps, they might just return it considering that he/she might want to travel during weeks of wait time. Of course the system is a blackbox and there is no definitive way to determine if passport at consulate or at home make any difference. All we can do is hope for the best. In case if it matters, I am EE in manufacturing and direct hire.
  9. I read your husbands case. Hope it resolves soon. I have 2 Kids myself. My daughter is 6 months and rolling now. I guess she will be crawling before I pick up here again.
  10. jpandya

    221g Ottawa

    Did you have any updates on website since interview ?
  11. Thank you. Looks like there are very less cases of Yello or Blue slips in Jan 2020 in Canada. i was searching around other forums and there were plethora for Dec and Jan 2019... Guys .. if you are looking for this post and in similar situation in Ottawa 2020..please update here so as to create. a timeline that helps everyone ...
  12. Did anyone had interviews recently in Ottawa for H1B stamping ? Interviewed on Jan 24 Asked for CV and W2. Took passport initially but returned it same day in mail. Had been working in US for few years and always had been in status. Clean record. No documents requested. Only check mark on Yellow Slip is "wait for us to contact you" Timeline for similar cases will be helpful.