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  1. -gus_TT_showbiz-

    Trying to get B2 visa for 20 yr Cousin

    I guess that’s what I’m having trouble understanding. How can he effectively convince a CO while giving brief and to the point answers to only questions that the CO asks? If the CO asks him questions like ‘why are you going?’ ‘How long are you staying?’, how will he able to communicate that he is going to come back?
  2. -gus_TT_showbiz-

    Trying to get B2 visa for 20 yr Cousin

    I was mainly replying to your question about how often i visit him. Not sure what you took away from that but I’m definitely close with him, even sort of a mentor role, and would like him to see my house and meet my friends as well as take him to all the tourist attractions. If his chances are low then so be it but neither of us have any deceitful intentions about him staying long term. Hopefully the CO sees that too.
  3. -gus_TT_showbiz-

    Trying to get B2 visa for 20 yr Cousin

    Thanks for the replies. I guess best course of option is to not coach him, have him be honest with the CO and hope that he is fortunate enough to receive it. Thanks again!
  4. -gus_TT_showbiz-

    Trying to get B2 visa for 20 yr Cousin

    Hi Noah, i visit my cousin once every 2 years or so. I usually stay with him and his family during my vacations and I would like to pay the favor back by having him visit place/surroundings and stay with me for once. As far as having him stay here long term and all that, I neither encourage that behavior nor can I finance him for more than a month/vacation duration.
  5. -gus_TT_showbiz-

    Trying to get B2 visa for 20 yr Cousin

    Hello, I (US citizen) am planning to bring my 20 yr cousin to visit for a month during his college summer holidays. I've been reading that his age group typically gets visa denied due to their fear of that age group settling down in US. He has no such plans and just wants to visit for a month. He still has his final year of college to graduate. Would emphasis on this point help in obtaining his visa? What else can I tell him to say/emphasize that would get him approval? He is a student entering his final year of UG He does not have any finances but his parents are well off and can provide for him. I will also be taking care of him financially if he comes here He has a lot of relatives in india and is very close to them, including his parents Never travelled internationally before Given these info, what are his chances roughly of getting visa and what needs to be emphasized or discarded to give him better chances? thanks