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  1. sidmurthy0706

    Non paid period during H1B

    Hi, My project recently ended in Jan and i was on bench for a month i.e till Jan 31st. Company policy is to withdraw H1B after a month if an employee doesnt get a project. Luckily i got a project on 31st jan, and continued to be on bench and was getting paid. Two weeks down in feb i as notified that the project i got was cancelled and that was my last day. 2 days later i was offered another project in the with the same client, but i wasnt getting paid from then. The project would start on march 23rd and my company wont pay me till then. Is this a big issue not getting paid? what are the consequences? Kindly let me know. Regards, Sid.
  2. sidmurthy0706

    H1b grace period

    Sure. Thank you for your response. So i am in the situation where i have two offers... the one i wanted to join has the offer letter as march 25th (Tentative), because of the BG screening and visa approval. The other one is immediate joining. So, in this case i want to join the former company, but waiting till the 60 day end of grace period would be risky. I am planning to join with the latter offer and then come back to the first one after two months. So in this case both employers would be filing for my extension. Would there be an issue if two employers process the H1B. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I am little confused in this situation here. (And today my employment ends with current employer)
  3. sidmurthy0706

    H1b grace period

    I have a follow up question which is, 1. If my current employer withdraws my H1B, should the new employer do a normal H1B transfer or is there another process? 2. If the new employer had started the transfer with current i-797 which is valid and the old employer with draws it, will that be an issue? Regards, Sid.
  4. sidmurthy0706

    H1b grace period

    Sure. Thank you for a detailed explanation. This really helped me get lot of doubts out of my mind. 🙂
  5. sidmurthy0706

    H1b grace period

    Thank you for the response. Thats great to hear. I have my 1-94 valid till Aug 2020, so i believe i can use all of the 2 months grace period even if my employer withdraws the H1B
  6. sidmurthy0706

    H1b grace period

    I am currently on bench with an employer and they would terminate my employment this month end (Jan 31st) if i do not get a project with them. And they have mentioned that they would withdraw the H1B visa prior my termination. I am aware that there is a grace period of 60 days which is really helpful for the transition to a new employer. I have another offer in hand, they will start processing sometime next week or the week after. My question is that "Will i still be able to transfer my visa without any hassles even if my current employer with draws my H1B?". Can i still use the 60 day grace period if the employer with draws (revokes) my H1B? Would really appreciate any inputs on this. Thank you.