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  1. freaking_pain

    Refused entry implications on H1B visa

    why were you refused entry?
  2. freaking_pain

    H1B Renewal Stamping + Passport expiry + new H4B

    Consider renewing passport here in the US itself. It's a hassle free quick process...
  3. Uber or Lyft seems to be a reasonable alternative than having to deal with this mess. Expect to go through a secondary check at the customs every time you enter the country....
  4. freaking_pain

    H1-B visa stamped - Passport expiring

    Already in the works. I'm going to Canada anyway on a vacation later this year. So, I would've been okay either ways... 🙂
  5. Even if you go to India, you will only get visa stamped till your 797 ending date. Just traveling to India won't automatically give you any h1 extension. That is something the company you work for will apply on your behalf and get an extension from USCIS. Makes sense?
  6. freaking_pain

    I-94 Extension after Passport Renewal

    Very strange. I was in the same situation. Visa till 2022, passport expiring in 2021. But, my I94 date was stamped till 2022. I really think I just got plain lucky!! The officer possibly didn't pay attention to the passport expiry date!
  7. Hey folks.. Just wanted to share my experience with you. I recently got a 3 year visa stamping done in Chennai, valid until 2022. However my passport is expiring early 2021. I was under the impression that I will have the I94 date till the passport expiry date only. I traveled yesterday to Amreeeka.. However, on port of entry, to my surprise, the I94 date was entered till the visa expiry date in 2022. Maybe, I was just lucky? Good luck!
  8. freaking_pain

    chennai dropbox - 221g again it looks like

    Thank you!
  9. freaking_pain

    Traffic Ticket for Speeding

    You have nothing to worry about. Stop stressing out..
  10. freaking_pain

    chennai dropbox - 221g again it looks like

    Yes, it was an interview request. I just attended my interview today too. The only good thing with the 221g is that you can skip all lines and cut right to the chase. The whole process including the interview took me around 45 minutes only. Few basic questions and the golden words "your visa is approved" by the wonderful lady on the other end. I just don't see a reason why they need to see me every single time. As I said, I work for one of the big firms for over 13 years... Oh well. Now, I can get back to my vacation... This visa's good for the next three years and I hope I will get the green-colored card by then. Finger's crossed! Good luck, people!
  11. I'm getting used to this now... I used the dropbox in Chennai a few days back. Today, the status changed to "Passport has been received from the consular section, and is currently being processed for delivery". But, the visa status on CEAC is showing as 'administrative processing'. Meh.. I guess that means it's a 221g. After going through this stamping process so many times (I've been in the US for 15+ years), and being with the same company for over 13 years, one would think that they should stamp it without issues. But, no... they have to make life miserable for us. It's never a freaking fun vacation anymore and you can't plan anything properly. Getting tired of this now. Anyone on a similar boat? What kind of timeline am I looking at? I'd hate to freaking postpone my trip because of this delay.... Annoyed as hell...