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  1. My PD is Nov 2010 in EB3 which is current according to latest VISA Bulletins. I had filed for 485/765/131 in Oct 2020. I had my finger printing completed in April 2021. I haven't received my 485-EAD and 131 approval yet. I am out of 180 days waiting period also now. Does that mean I can change the employer OR not? Any insights will be helpful. Please suggest, Thanks
  2. So changing the employer after 180 days is not allowed without EAD?
  3. you are not supposed to travel out of US while AP is pending, it will be considered as if you have abandoned your AP process.
  4. The 180-day portability rule provides that if a person has submitted an application for I-485 adjustment of status and has an I-140 visa petition approved under one of the Employment-Based preference categories, he can change jobs and still adjust his status as long as the new job is in the same or a similar occupation and his application for adjustment of status has been pending over 180 days. Before approving the application for adjustment of status, the USCIS will request a letter from the new employer to verify that an offer of permanent employment exists. The letter must contain a description of the job as well as the salary. The USCIS will use this letter to determine whether the job meets the same or similar occupation requirement. It's a 180 day rule applies from the day your application reached USCIS that in from 28th Nov 2020. If you change the job before the 180 days are complete then I guess your whole 485 is void. I may be not so correct here but that's what people have been saying.
  5. m_user

    Fingerprints for I-485

    forget about nov 2020, I applied in 3rd week Oct 2020 and we haven't received the finder print notices. If you are lucky then you should receive the invitation/notices in next 1-1.5 month. They are overwhelmed with cases and corona.
  6. Hello, My wife's H4 COS from F1 to H4 was rejected because while COS was going on I changed my job and so I had new H1. So now the COS case has gone to MTR (I-290 B). So now I have to change my job since old job is ending. The new employer is willing to transfer the H1 on premium basis. So how can I resolve this issue? Can these two cases H1 transfer and I-290 B be combined? Or should I go ahead and file new I-539 case? My wife's F1 is still valid. Please suggest the possible quick and good course of action. Thanks
  7. m_user

    H4-EAD Quick Question

    My question is, Obviously I-140 has to be valid to apply for H4-EAD(not just H4). But you don't get EAD unless you have H4. To get H4 you need to have valid H1. In my case, H4 applied with old H1 and will that create a problem as old H1 might have been cancelled? Pls. suggest Thanks
  8. m_user

    H4-EAD Quick Question

    Hi Friends, Quick question, I had applied for my spouse's H4 and EAD in Dec'2015. We haven't received the H4 approval yet. In the meantime, I have changed my job and I have received my new I-797. Now my question is, H4/EAD is applied with old petition and now I have new petition. Will this new petition affect the H4/EAD COS or I need to call USCIS and ask then to update the case? Pls. suggest, Thanks
  9. m_user

    I-485 Question

    Friends, My PD is Oct 2010. I have I-140 approved in EB2. I had to leave the job because massive layoffs were coming. Now with the new 485 ruling, I am asking my old employer to give a good faith letter which basically says that they 'may offer' the job to me if I get the permanent residency. But my employer says that this is a very strong language and can't provide such letter. Is there anyway, I can avoid this problem and file the case for AOS or 485? Any letter, any idea will help. Please suggest, Thanks in advance, - m
  10. m_user

    F1 and EAD

    Thanks jairichi and Rahul412. How much time I can wait until I will have go ahead and file for H4? I do have spouse's 140 approved though. Thanks in advance, - m
  11. m_user

    F1 and EAD

    Hi Friends, I have been on F1 and EAD starting 15 Dec 2014 valid until the end of 2015. It has been 3 months since i got my EAD. I have heard the rule that I need to get the job within 90 days after I got the EAD. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to land a job. What are my options? I can go on H4 and then apply for EAD as well. Please suggest asap. Thanks in advance, - m
  12. m_user

    H1B transfer after 6 years on h1b and I140 approved

    Yes, you are eligible to stay. You need to start the GC process asap to be safe with new employer. Even if your previous employer cancels previous approved I-140, you can keep the PD. You should file the H1B on premium transfer as well as ask your employer to run the PERM process asap.
  13. m_user

    I-140 Priority Date Recapture issue.

    I am guessing USCIS will take upto 4 weeks to respond. Did your immi. lawyer asked for ammendment when they applied for EB3->EB2 case conversion? If yes then when did they asked? Ideally if your lawyer has asked while submitting your I-140 for Eb2 there itself he should have asked for EB@ PD porting from old I-140. There is something missing from your case. If you lawyer has asked for this portability then USCIS made mistake and they will correct it within 3-4 weeks of time. Pls. update the case status wherever you hear from USCIS OR Lawyer. Take care All the Best
  14. m_user

    Dec 2014 I-140 Filling Tracker

    Starting a thread to track the I-140 filling Date USCIS received application: 12/12/2014 PD: 11/30/2010 Category: EB3->EB2 ammendment
  15. m_user

    Dec 2014 I-140 Filling Tracker

    Starting a thread to track the I-140 filling Date USCIS received application: 12/12/2014 PD: 11/30/2010 Category: EB3->EB2 ammendment