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    Missing I-20s for H1B Filing

    I studied in the USA from 2001 - 2006, during which time I held 6 I-20s. After graduation, I went to Germany to work. I got back to the USA in 2011 for a PhD and graduated in 2016. During this period I held multiple I-20s because of an internship every semester that required me to have a CPT. Upon graduation I started working and my H1B application was denied. Since the employer liked my work and wanted me to continue, I joined an MBA program and got back on student status. I am almost ready to graduate and my employer wants to file for my H1B again. When I was gathering documents for the process, I realized that I am missing 3 I-20s from 2001-2003 and the I-20 that I had during my OPT. Will this become an issue while my employer files for my H1B. And I was in a STEM program and used up only one year of my OPT, will the two more years add to my current OPT?