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  1. Sankh

    RFE on H4

    Keeping fingers crossed
  2. Sankh

    RFE on H4

    Hello, I am currently on H4 and working on H4 EAD. My current visa is expiring in 1st week of Feb 2020. I applied for my renewal in Aug 2019. End of Dec 2019 I have received an RFE for the DWI I had got back in 2001 which is almost 18 years back. My attorney is suggesting since it was back in 2001 they might see the court documents and approve the H4 but also there are chances of rejection. In that case I will have to go to my home country and apply for consular processing. My question here is, as it was only 1 time and was 18 years back, what are the chances of my Visa approval. Also from then I havent had any issue while renewing my visa (4 to 5 times till now from 2001 ). If that gets rejected, my EAD application will be cancelled too. Applying again will take few more months and will have to be without job for that long. Any suggestions or recommendations in this case? Appreciate your help!