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  1. request_for_info

    Dad's second B2 visa rejected (approved for Mom)

    He got retired in 2002 (prior to the first visa interview) and was in that state there after. I am just trying to figure out what else could be amiss and I cannot think of anything else!
  2. request_for_info

    Dad's second B2 visa rejected (approved for Mom)

    Thanks for the valuable info, Noah Lott. Dad was provided with the standard 214b form without any specific details. One reason I could think of is that - I am not sure if the DS160 that we filled 10 years back had - "Dad attended college" and this time we had it as "Dad did not attend college". I couldn't find a way retrieve the DS-160 from 10 years ago. He has a Diploma and does not have a Degree although he attended a college for that Diploma. The resume we prepared had Diploma details and certificates. This could possibly be considered as a "lie", although this was not intentional. If this makes sense, What would be the best way to express that this was a mistake and not a lie to the VO during the next interview? Thanks again.
  3. request_for_info

    Dad's second B2 visa rejected (approved for Mom)

    Sure, agreed to all your points. Are there anything that you could advise while Dad and I prepare for his next visa appointment?
  4. Requesting guidance on how to proceed on the below scenario: Parents' first B2 visa was approved for 10 years in 2004 and they visited here twice. They stayed less than 6 months during their visits. We applied for their visa renewal in Jan 2019 and Mom's got approved right away with the "interview waiver" and she does not had to go to the consulate. Dad's interview waiver was rejected (221g) and was written - "Please bring resume and educational credentials", "You must appear for an interview with consular officer". We put together a Resume for Dad and collected his diploma certificates and school certificates. At the consulate, officer did not ask any questions and rejected it. On the DS-160, we said that Dad did not attend college. I am not sure if that could be a reason for asking Resume and educational credentials. I still do not know what was the real rejection reason. I would like to apply for his visa again. Would you advise if I should get assistance from a law firm and what steps I can take to make sure that the visa does not get rejected again. Thank you very much!