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  1. Hi Team, Currently I'm on L2 visa and seeking to convert into F1 visa for full time course. I have few questions 1) Is there any premium processing to convert L2 to F1 visa from inside the USA? 2) What is the processing time to convert L2 to F1 visa Thanks in advance.
  2. DJINDAL9655

    L2 EAD pending, Travel outside USA?

    Thanks for the response.
  3. DJINDAL9655

    L2 EAD pending, Travel outside USA?

    L1/L2 visa status: My Wife’s current Visa status: L1 B (valid till Aug 2020) My current Visa status: L2 (valid till Aug 2020) L2 EAD status: Currently valid till Feb 2020 Was applied for renewal on Sept 2nd 2019 and till now its status as “Pending” My questions are: 1) Can I continue to work after Feb 2020, if EAD is in pending or not get approved or not received? 2) Can I travel outside USA, if EAD status still “Pending” Thanks in advance.