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  1. Why don't you submit a request to that state DPS? They may be able to get your driver's license number. NB: DPS ( Department of Public Safety) is the state agency in charge of driver's license
  2. Emile DJ

    Mom's second visit denied

    Noah, thanks for your response. All your guesses are pretty much wrong and I 'll explain: 1) The DS-160 from 2016 clearly stated her intended stay of 6 months. she was issued a one year visa and stuck to the duration that was mentioned in her DS-160 2) The evidences submitted during the 2016 application abundantly mentioned that my son was the main reason for her visit 3) Yes, but a different child! 3 years later 4) She came once and left within the allotted time per her visa; not sure what much evidence is needed. I am not sure I understand what you mean by "one does not meet a newborn" and "People play games with CO". Your responses come across as very condescending! People travel all the time to meet newborns. It just happens that my mom is 70, lives 22 hrs away and we don't get to see her much; so if she comes visit I would like her to stay for some time. If i wanted my mom to stay permanently here, i can file for her permanent residency.
  3. Emile DJ

    Mom's second visit denied

    I get that; but how is that different than the 1st time when she was granted a visa? and 214-b) really threw me off! She already came once and left within the allotted time of her visa
  4. Emile DJ

    Mom's second visit denied

    I am a US Citizen. My mom successfully got a B1/B2 visa in 2016 when my 1st son was born. She stayed from October 2016 through March 2017. We wanted her to come back this year to meet my daughter recently born in May 2019. I was surprised when she called me after her interview to tell me her visa was denied. The reason for denial was article 214 b). We basically follow the same steps we did when applying in 2016. Any thought as to why it was denied this time? She said the interview was very brief and the visa officer did not even look at the evidences she brought. Do you think we apply for another visa too soon given it's been less than 3 years since she last departed the US? Is there a rule of thumb as too how long one must wait to re-apply for a B1/B2 visa ? Any suggestion of to how to proceed from here?