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  1. Lack of knowledge slept in car to sober up instead of driving and eventually was knocked on window in morning by cops and arrested for DUI. got out on bail next day and have been wondering what’s going to happen eversince. The stress is killing. 1. Refused to take the chemical testing, don’t know how that negatively affects the case. (I had no idea when they asked me and just like everything else in life, when they said it’s optional and you have the right to not take it, I chose not to.) only now realize they can use it as admission of guilt. 2. What’s the usual outcome of a first DUI like such, too worried if I have to see a jail. 3. What kind of attorney to hire- criminal defense attorney asking ~2k and the attorney criminal defense +immigration asking 4.5k 4. does a serious misdemeanor which is my case, a cause for deportation? Just in a bad spot and looking for friends who can help. some mOre situation information and anyone who has been here before can be most valuable support right now. thanks in advance. Never drink and be near a car with keys.
  2. H1bDUIDec2019

    DUI-H1b Revocation Case

    I had this happen to me this past saturday (Dec 21st). I am panicking as crazy, I have my initial court appearance in 2 weeks. Want to know what i should do and expect. How to go with what kind of attorney and what to take care of. I would really appreciate if I can get some advice from you. Or if you would speak with me. Thanks in advance.
  3. H1bDUIDec2019

    DUI conviction | H1B extension

    Hi, I am in the exact same situation I got arrested for first OWI (called DUI in other states) . I have to apply for my extension because my visa expires in April 2020 (only four months). I am still pending my court appearance and rest of the process. Can you please help me understand what I need to do? @2018h1bextension, @Yesmn123 would you be Ok to talk to me and help with some doubts questions? I would really appreciate any help.