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  1. jayabalan

    i485 with new employer

    Hi this may be a stupid question. i have an approved i140 from previous employer with pd in 2015 . I have the below questions related to i486 filing. 1. Can I still apply for AOS if the filing date becomes current in future if I don’t have perm/i140 from current employer ? 2. If filing date becomes current , how much time does one have to file the 485? Example- currently October bulletin had filing dat cut off of Jan 1 2015 , how much time does one have to file 485 ? Mine is not eligible yet but just want to know in case it comes up in oct 2021 and I don’t have a perm/i140 from current employer
  2. jayabalan

    AOS Filing - Question regarding November Bulletin

    Hi Did you find an answer to this ?
  3. jayabalan

    Are Biometrics required for H1B ext

    Can anyone answer this ?
  4. Hi I heard they added new requirement of biometrics for H1 petitions, is it true? . im asking this because i saw a QR scan code on the top left corner of i797 approval copy which wasnt there in previous approval copies. Does anyone have it as well?
  5. jayabalan

    H1B Transfer - Setting the end date and start dates

    Btw do you see a small qr scan code like thing on the upper top left of your new approval i797 ?
  6. jayabalan

    H1B Transfer - Setting the end date and start dates

    I’m in same boat and My employer’s attorney said no overlap should be there.
  7. jayabalan

    Multiple H1b after voluntary resignation

    @ aspiration , im in similar situation , please post here after you find the correct answer.
  8. Hi , in aug 2019 , my h1b ext petition though company A was approved(along with i94 attached to it) for 3 years - until 2022 and this is ext beyond 6 years. in oct 2019 i resigned from company A after a change of emp petition was filed by company B and joined/working for company B on h1b receipt notice and just received RFE for it. now i have gotten a better offer from Company C and they filed for h1b change of employer petition recently and want me to join on receipt notice. my Questions are 1. do i need to wait for B's petition to be approved before i start working for C on receipt notice ? (my I94 from employer A's I797 is valid until 2022) 2. What happens if i resign from company B and join company C on receipt notice and the company B abandons the petition for which RFE was requested. 3. Does company C's petition receive RFE asking for approval from company B? 4. Does company C's decision depend on company B's approval? Note - i checked with emp C's law firm and they informed that my case is not a bridge petition and i donot need to wait for B 's approval and C's approval is not dependent on B's approval. i checked with out side attorney and they told me a different answer - Mine is a bridge petition and i need to wait until B's approval and C will only be approved after B is approved.