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  1. SRK_003

    H1B Change of Employer Petitions

    Hi, I am on a 60 day grace period at the moment that ends on Jan 22nd 2020. My new employer is about to file my H1B petition this week but they want me to join them only after the H1B is approved. My question is : 1. Within the 60 days, if my new H1B petition is filed, am I allowed to stay in the US legally? Or should I leave the country before they file the petition and re-enter after approval and visa stamping? Please advice and I will take a decision accordingly.
  2. SRK_003

    h1b grace period and transfer

    Hi, What happened in your case? Please update us if you don't mind as I'm in a similar situation.
  3. Hello,


    What happened in your case? Did you join the employer on receipt? Or waited until H1B approval?

  4. Hi, I am currently on a 60 day grace period that ends Jan 22nd 2020. I've received a job offer from a new employer , accepted it, they initiated the LCA on 8th Jan 2020. Awaiting for its approval so that they can file my H1B petition. My question is the following: 1. If my H1B petition is filed by the new employer before end of my 60 day period, can I continue living in the US ? (I can't join them on the receipt as they want me to wait until i get the H1B approval) 2. Will be considered to have a valid status in this case? Anyone who has been in a similar situation please advice.
  5. SRK_003

    H1B Grace Period Question

    Hello, I'm in the exact same situation. My new employer filed for LCA currently. Have you checked with your employer's attorney to see what is the best step forward? I sent an email to my attorney waiting to hear from them. Some attorneys are saying we should not stay beyond 60 days if we are not working and some say it is ok.
  6. SRK_003

    60 Day Grace Period Employment question

    Thank you !! Yes they said they will file it in premium processing. I have my i140 approved in Oct 2019. Can my new employer still use this i140 to get me a 3 year extension? My previous employer is not going to revoke the i140 petition. They never did for anyone and they told me the same that they are not going to revoke it. what are your thoughts?
  7. I'm on the 60 day grace period right now and it ends on Jan 21 2020. I'm in the process of getting a job offer. My question is if my new employer doesn't allow me to join them until my H1B is approved(new employer will do it in premium), is it legally allowed for me to wait in the US until it gets approved? From what I read, the new employer needs to file the H1B transfer and have the receipt before the end of 60 days for me to stay in VALID STATUS. I will however request my employer to allow me to join on H1B filing receipt. Worst case, what should I do? Please let me know if you have any insights.