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  1. Also, consider the factor of staying out of USA for a longer period. Longer might hurt (I am not sure) but just check if this can obstruct you from being considered as exempt.
  2. HI I worked with Employer A in past and had my i140 approved and my priority date is in year 2016. I changed my employer to B in Mar2019. And B is filing for PERM and i140 to capture my priority dates from A. I have couple of questions : After 1-140 is approved with employer B do I need to stick with B for certain period ? Or I can switch to employer C immediately after i-140 is approved with B ?
  3. i140 with A stays valid even after i140 is approved with B ?
  4. thanks everyone for replying
  5. Hi, Following is my scenario: 1.H1B Extension filed for Client A. 2.Change to Client B , Amendment Filed for B. 3.I94 expired 4.H1B extension approved on Client B So my question is Can I change to new client C through same employer or Can i join new employer ? What is the risk in doing so ?