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  1. Yes, I140 approved in March 2021.
  2. Hi Team, I was having h1b till December 2020 and my H1B max out was in Apr/01/2021. My company applied extension in Dec 2020. In march I received RFE and responded to it in May end. After raising the USCIS ticket for outside normal processing, on August 31 received another RFE.. Not yet received what details are USCIS is looking for RFE as of now. But what are the options if this RFE ended with denial.. Shall I transfer to new company after denial and continue to work ? Should I have to return to India if its denied? If we return to India shall I apply again for H1B amendment/transfer and come back ?
  3. PD2919


    Can you guide me if the applicant (myself) can raise the service request with uscis? Because my friend was advised by uscis Helpdesk that my company or attorney only can raise the request.