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  1. I was recently taken in for DUI Nov 2019. I pleaded guilty and my case is closed with a Impared Driving Violation charge + 35 hrs of Community Service and VIP program. I am travelling to India in Feb, can someone please help me with what court document I need to carry along with me to show as and when needed. Thank You
  2. FlikkerSingh

    DUI-H1b Revocation Case

    @Experiencepeace thank you.Just such situations really make you feel very tensed and stressed. @2018h1bextensionthank you. But is there a way I can find it out?
  3. FlikkerSingh

    DUI-H1b Revocation Case

    I recently got charged with DUI violation. I was taken in on 10/31/19 while returning home from a halloween party. My BAC was 0.10. My case desposition is on 12/17/19 with a settlement on Impared driving violation along with 14 weeks of community service. I’d be glad if someone could answer a couple questions regarding my case: 1- My lawyer has claimed my case to be a violation & not criminal offense. I would like to know what are the chances of my visa being revoked as I haven’t received any mail about revocation? How soon should I expect such a revocation letter? 2- Upon revocation, Could I reapply for the visa from my home country (India)? Are the chances of visa denial higher after reapplying revoked visa? 3- It is mandatory for me to travel to India in February 2020. If I haven’t received a revocation letter until Feb would it be advisable to travel? Could I safely return to the US within a month’s time? 4- Does a DUI violation affect H1b renewal? 5- Is there a chance of being sent back if I receive the revocation letter while I am in India? 6- What are the steps to be followed after one receives a revocation? As it could be while I am in the country, in the period that I’ve left for India or even after I come back? I am genuinely worried about my status & would appreciate answers to any or all questions.
  4. FlikkerSingh

    H1B visa revoked after being pulled over for DUI

    Hello . Please advise what happened during the interview with the counselor?were u advised to take the panel test? And did you make it back to the states? Please advise as I am going through the same problem.