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  1. Paddy1234

    H1b Stamping 221g White Slip > NOIR

    Hi confusedaatma, what happened to your case, were you asked any questions regarding your I 140 during interview
  2. Paddy1234

    H1b Stamping questions on old employer

    Thanks Shekar, also, I did a no show for h1b stamping, (did a mistake while booking dates and by the time I realized it, it was too late)... would that be a question from the officer.
  3. I did not pay any thing for GC, the agreement is given there is some law which might come in, if date becomes current I work for them for some time. I was also interested in consulting so I accepted it.
  4. Paddy1234

    Missed Visa appointment

    Hello, how did your interview go, did the officer ask anything about no show.
  5. Paddy1234

    H4 to H1b Visa Stamping question

    Hey Harshu, what happened to your case.. did every thing go as planned.
  6. I came to us and I converted my h4 to h1b in 2013, with a consulting firm. I worked with them for few months, and then I took a full time opportunity in Q2 2014 - consultancy withdrew my h1b as I moved on. After few years I again moved to a different full time employer. this is the first time, I am going for h1b stamping after entering on h4. I have w2s and paychecks for last 4 years. Will there be any questions or document requested for my initial H1b from the consultancy.
  7. I have an I 140 approved from a future employer whom I never worked for. I have an I 140 applied and approved from my current employer as well. Will there be any questions about my future employer based on the I 140 petition I got from the employer I never worked for?