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  1. On 12/19/2019 at 11:36 AM, gopalakrishnach said:

    Follow up appointment now a days is common in some not straight forward cases. In your case you had 2F1 rejections to they want to dig in deep. I guess by this time you might have attended the interview. Please let us know how it went and hope all your issues get resolved...

    They Digged in so deep. And they even gave a call to my husband and asked him the same set of questions they asked me. I was in the consulate when the yspoke with my husband. I am filing a petition with the help of Murthy law attorney and will see from there. They took all the original documents from me and returned my passport with 221(g) yellow color. Will have to wait for the reply we get from the consulate after submitting the Visa assistance Petition by the attorney to the consulate. It is so difficult to live in a new/different country with no family around. 

  2. On 12/23/2019 at 12:46 AM, User099 said:

    How did it go?

    It was a nightmare. Asked so many personal questions and also they asked me to wait for sometime and they spoke with my husband over the phone to cross question him. The VO asked the same questions to me and to my husband. Later took all the original documents and returned my passport with 221(g) yellow slip. 
    I gave a call to DOS to check on the status and she asked me whether the VO took my passport or gave it back. I told her that I gave the passport back then she said you have to wait for few days I don’t have an estimate on your case. 
    I took an appointment with attorney on Dec 26th to discuss about the interview and the questions they asked both of us. I don’t know why they are questioning for a H4 visa like they are questioning an immigrant visa applicant. 

  3. 22 hours ago, gopalakrishnach said:

    Its good sign. Just hang on.

    I attended my visa interview on Nov 26th in calgary after 2 F1 rejecteions in Vancouver BC. After my H4 interview i did not receive any form they just verbally said that it must go under admin processing. I got an update from the consulate requestiong to provide any change of status applied while in the US. I submitted them through email saying that i did not apply for a change of status while i'm in the US. LAter i got an email to attend a follow up appointment tomorrow I.e Thursday !9th December along with my passport and email confirmation. Does anyone have any idea what is this follow up appointment for? is it a good sign? Please let me know. Thanks 

  4. Hi I applied for H4 visa in Calgary Canada I attended interview on November 26th 2019 after 2 F1 rejections.I didn’t receive any white slip but I was told at the end of my interview that my visa is going to be under admin processing. I contacted consulate for update but I still didn’t receive any update from them. Case was last updated on Nov 26th as administrative processing. Can someone please let me know how long does it takes for the admin processing?