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  1. Hi there, My husband’s I-485 was denied in December 2019. I'm very happy to share that the I-290B (Notice of Appeal or Motion) we filed has been accepted, and his I-485 is reopen. We did it ourselves, paying only the I-290B fees of $675 (note that ours was a simpler case - his I-485 was denied due to not submitting form I-864 affidavit of support, when we initially filed.) Timeline: Early December 2019 - I-485 denied Late December 2019 - I-290B applied (you have only 33 days from the date of denial notice to file the Motion) March 2020 - I-485 reopens, based on evidence and documents along with the I-290B March 2020 - EAD card is being produced! Good luck.
  2. Hi there, USCIS notify you after a week or two with a receipt. Did you get any updates?
  3. Ejean85

    I-290b processing time

    Hi there, My husband received a denial of his I-485 because we did not include affidavit of support. We got instructions from USCIS to file motion to reopen form I-290b presenting new evidence which is form i864 and supporting documents. I mailed it out today (way before the 33 day mark). Does anyone know the processing time and has anyone been successful with the motion?
  4. Hi there and congrats on your approval. My husband just received a denial as well for not providing affidavit of support. Can you please share the template you used?