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  1. Hi, Im working in USA on H1B Visa. My parents have visitor's visa and they visit me once in 2 years. However my younger brother do not have a Visitors visa. My brother is a business man in India and lives with my parents. He wants to visit USA along with my parents next summer for vacation. What are the chances for his visa to be approved. I have heard that Visitors Visa is often rejected for young people. Can we apply visa for tourism? can Visa be approved atleast for the duration of vacation. Thanks in advance!
  2. ManKalR

    H4 to F1

    Hi, I am currently pursuing masters on H4 visa. I have finished my first year and am hoping to work as an intern in summer break. So, I'm planning to transfer to F1 visa and get stamping done at Canada. Could you please let me know what proof of financial support needs to be shown. My husband is my sponsor. Is it sufficient to show 30000 USD as bank balance or anything else is required. Thanks in advance!