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    W-8BEN Form question

    Hello, We got married in May 2018 and my wife moved to USA on H4 visa. Currently she is working on H4-EAD (I am on H1B and I140 is approved) . She has her salary account in Chase bank and recently they have sent us Letter asking her to file W8BEN form. Bank letter states: Our records show that you are a nonresident a;lien individual If yes: -complete all fields on the enclosed IRS form W-8BEN If NO: -Visit IRS.gov to download, complete and return appropriate tax form. Foreign entities need IRS FOrm W-8BEN-E, W-8ECI, W-8EXP or W-8IMY -US citizens, resident alien, or other US personla need IRS form W-9. She is technically US resident alien for Tax purpose as she meets the substantial presence test (31 days in calander year and 183 days in last 3 years). Not sure if we still have to fill W-8BEN form and/or what explanation to provide them? Our tax consultant is not able to provide help in this situation. Your suggetion/help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Hiten
  2. Hello, I am currently working in US on H-1b visa and it is expiring on Dec 12, 2019. I have received extension (I 797) until Dec 2022. I am planning to travel to India for stamping in Jan, 2020. when I try to book visa/drop box date, it is asking me, "Is your previous H-1B visa (temporary occupation, temporary worker or trainee) still valid?" My question is: as of today my visa is valid but when I will be attending drop box, visa will no longer be valid. Which option should I select Yes/NO? Please advise