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  1. I have I-140 approval from Company A and then I moved to Company B, then how far the Job Description should match between Company A's PERM and Company B's PERM? TIA
  2. Hi Everyone, I recently switched from Employer A to B, I have Approved I -140 with Employer A and I am asking My Employer B to Initiate my I - 140, and I am planning to get married in May. now the question is Can I Apply for H4 and EAD for my wife, while Employer B I -140 is in progress. and Can I Apply both H4 and EAD at the same time?
  3. sun6699

    DUI-H1b Revocation Case

    just FYI, in a similar case, I got my Revocation letter to My email which I used while applying for that visa.
  4. Hey, I am planning to go for stamping, with a DUI Conviction, still in informal Probation.

    May I know what all documents I need to carry  w.r.t DUI Case



  5. Any Body went for first Stamping of H1B in 2019 with a DUI ?? I am in same boat, looking forward to some experiences. which can help a lot of other people like me.
  6. @kumar2604 Any Update on your Visa??
  7. Following ... in a similar boat. Planning to go for stamping in Feb 2020
  8. Hi Everyone, Thanks for the Attention. In California State, I got arrested for DUI in April 2017 and Convicted for Reckless Driving ( Reduced Offense ) in June 2018. I am still under my Informal Probation which will end by June 2021. I Have been completed my Community Service and paid court fine. I am planning to go to India for my first H1B ( before it was F1 ) stamping in Feb 2020. I have read many threads about it. it looks like Administrative Processing is compulsory. how many months of administrative processing I am looking at ?? whats the risk ?? is there any risk of getting Denial of Visa ?? Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks in advance
  9. Thanks for your Reply is it better to go after completing Probation?