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  1. I have I-140 approval from Company A and then I moved to Company B, then how far the Job Description should match between Company A's PERM and Company B's PERM? TIA
  2. Hi Everyone, I recently switched from Employer A to B, I have Approved I -140 with Employer A and I am asking My Employer B to Initiate my I - 140, and I am planning to get married in May. now the question is Can I Apply for H4 and EAD for my wife, while Employer B I -140 is in progress. and Can I Apply both H4 and EAD at the same time?
  3. sun6699

    DUI-H1b Revocation Case

    just FYI, in a similar case, I got my Revocation letter to My email which I used while applying for that visa.
  4. Hey, I am planning to go for stamping, with a DUI Conviction, still in informal Probation.

    May I know what all documents I need to carry  w.r.t DUI Case



  5. @kumar2604 Any Update on your Visa??
  6. Following ... in a similar boat. Planning to go for stamping in Feb 2020
  7. Any Body went for first Stamping of H1B in 2019 with a DUI ?? I am in same boat, looking forward to some experiences. which can help a lot of other people like me.
  8. Thanks for your Reply is it better to go after completing Probation?
  9. Hi Everyone, Thanks for the Attention. In California State, I got arrested for DUI in April 2017 and Convicted for Reckless Driving ( Reduced Offense ) in June 2018. I am still under my Informal Probation which will end by June 2021. I Have been completed my Community Service and paid court fine. I am planning to go to India for my first H1B ( before it was F1 ) stamping in Feb 2020. I have read many threads about it. it looks like Administrative Processing is compulsory. how many months of administrative processing I am looking at ?? whats the risk ?? is there any risk of getting Denial of Visa ?? Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks in advance