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  1. Jaisingh1

    H1 extension RFE denied

    Also, Can I work on receipt notice with new employer?
  2. Jaisingh1

    H1 extension RFE denied

    Hi, My H1 extension got denied last week and my I94 is expired- My I-140 is approved. Below are my questions: 1) In how many days do I need to leave the country?- I know its asap but any particular days? 2) Can my current employer re-file my extension? IF Yes, can I wait till I get result ? considering I would be doing a premium processing 3) Can I ask other employer to file my h1 extension and transfer? My client and vendor will remain the same? If yes, can i wait till result is out? 4) If I go with Q3- if I get RFE do i have to leave asap? This will be anyway consular processing so I will anyway leave the country 5) Can i file with multiple employers? Will appreciate some inputs on this.