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  1. sand13333

    DS 160 employment dates

    Update: I did not face any issues.
  2. sand13333

    H1B Change of Employer Petitions

    Hi, Can you join a employer on receipt and then leave before h1 transfer is approved and join another company? I’m with emp A. But have offer with B and C. Both B and C are applying for transfer using documents from A. But I want join B for a month on receipt and then join C. Will there be a issue if I do this?
  3. sand13333

    DS 160 employment dates

    Hi Guys, Few years ago I resigned from company A after I received offer from company B. But company B filed for transfer about a week after my last day at company A and added to this, I started working at company B exactly 1 month from last day with company A on transfer receipt. The transfer petition got approved with no issues. I’m now going for stamping. So the question is will there be any issues because there is a 1 month gap between jobs? Thanks,