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  1. nomsan123

    H1B visa status: ‘Application Received’

    My passport status is “There is no status update available for the passport number submitted”
  2. nomsan123

    Visa approved but stuck in admin processing

    What is your status now? I am having a similar issue. I had my interview on 4th Nov. VO said approved, but the status showed ‘Refused’, then it got changed to ‘Admin Processing’. 2 weeks ago it got changed to ‘Application Received’. I haven’t heard anything from the embassy (no 221g). I have full time job and was never out of status. Super confused with all these status updates on my application. I have my travel planned on 29th nov, but I am not positive that I’ll get my visa anytime soon.
  3. I have given my H1B interview at the Hyderabad Consulate on 4th Nov’19. VO just took my passport and verified some details in his system. Then asked about my salary and the number of times I have transferred between the universities on F1 status. He also asked if I was ever out of status. I had transferred my Sevis just once and that too to a better university. I was never out of status during F1 or H1B (I have a full time job). I had informed the same to the VO. He said that everything looks good in their Database and need 1 or 2 days to have my passport ready for pickup. Note: no 221g and no documents were requested, On 4th November, the application status was updated to ‘Refused’. On 8th November, it changed to ‘Admin Processing ‘. Then on 12th November, the status changed to ‘Application Received’. I’m confused with all these statuses. Is anyone going through a similar kind of issue?? Please advise. I have to travel back to US on 29th Nov, but I have not heard anything from the embassy yet.