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  1. I am planning on visiting my home country in couple of months. This is the first time I am attending the H1B visa interview and while filling in the DS160 came across a question "HAVE YOU EVER BEEN ARRESTED OR CONVICTED FOR ANY OFFENSE OR CRIME, EVEN THOUGH SUBJECT OF PARDON, AMNESTY OR SIMILAR ACTION?". Almost 9 years ago, I was given a citation (yellow slip) for "serve/sell beer during ill hours", basically in Texas you cannot do that before 11:00 AM and I did at 10:50 AM. So I had to go to the court and signed a no contest form as suggested by an attorney and was given a differed adjudication with a month of probation. Now when i looked at the county court records, and the case description says "*** JN CLOSED ***" and disposition description says "dsmd-defr adjud" and judgment description says "NC-DEFR ADJUD TERM" and the reduced offense code has 0 as value. How should i answer this question. Should I say YES or NO? Thank you for your responses in advance.