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  1. kp5493

    affidavit -general question

    This affidavit is for " Same Person Affidavit- Where my in law's passport Name and my wife's Birth Certificate Names are different" thanks kp
  2. Hello we are planning on going for B-2 visitor visa interview in april/may 2020. we got a affidavit dated November -2019 Is there a general rule for affidavits like it should be within 6 months time..or something like that Appreciate your help thanks kp
  3. kp5493

    Drop Box Procedure for B-2

    Hello We are trying to process visitor visa for my father in law who is 87. Seems like he may be eligible for Drop Box process. 1--Can you please advise, how many weeks approximately it takes from the time we post the required documents and get back the approved visa. 2--Also when we use the Drop Box process, is it better to send the copies of all sponsor bank statements, and also my fr-in-law related bank statements and additional supporting documents etc.,? thanks kp
  4. kp5493

    Visitor Visa for 80 years age

    user099 and care_candidate Thanks a lot for your time and advise. Seems like my fr-in-law us 87 But My mother in law is 79 only. @user099-- so you mean irrespective of the age, you say if the recent visa was not rejected they will qualify for a drop box? @care_candidate -- so you mean that when filling the application, we will come to know if they need to come in person or not--correct? thanks kp
  5. My in-laws visitor visa already got expired. If we apply for the visitor visa again, should they apply using lockbox in India (CHENNAI US CONSULATE) or should they go in person? Both the in-laws are above 80 years. please advise. thanks kp
  6. Hello we are trying to bring my in-laws who are over 80 years age by sponsoring them. Can you please advise if what is a better way to process the GC for them. we are citizens. -- process I-130 from India and do 485 using Consular process? For folks over 80 years of age, what are the chances of getting rejected in 485 consular process? Anyone please advise? --process visitor visa and bring them here and then process the I-130 & 485 For folks over 80 years of age, what are the chances of getting rejected in 485 when they are in USA? Anyone please advise? thanks kp appreciate any input thanks kp
  7. Hello Once we start I 130 process, is there any restriction in applying for visitor visa later. For example, next week, I apply for I 130 for our parents. Then after a month or 3 months , can we bring them in visitor visa? After they come back to USA in visitor visa can we apply for 485 immediately even if I-130 is in progress and not completed? please advise..
  8. Hello can you please advise on the checklist for I 130? thanks kp
  9. kp5493

    I130 check list

    Hello can you please advise on the checklist for I 130? thanks kp
  10. kp5493

    I 130 and visitor visa

    Hello we are processing I130 for my in laws. Can you please advise -- once we start I-130 process , is there any restriction in applying for VISITOR VISA. For example, we apply for I-130 next week, Then can we apply for visitor visa application in the next month? Is there any restriction?. So after my in laws come into USA from India, then we can process GC(485) from USA? appreciate any reply thanks kp