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  1. Hi, Question… Got the I797B petition approval on Client A. Now, the contract with Client A has ended and started working for Client B. I am with the same employer, but different client. Two questions: 1. Should I file for an amendment for Client B if Client B is in the same county as Client A and then go for stamping? Or is it fine to not do an amendment? 2. Client B is in a different location. So in this case, I should file for an amendment. Wanted to check if we can apply for an amendment (or if amendment is possible) before the H1B approval? I have not yet gone for stamping. How long before can i go for stamping for H1B on I797B ? Is within 6 months fine? Please let me know. It is urgent.
  2. Hi, I am going for stamping in Dec and was wondering if MSA would be required for H1B stamping? My client doesn't provide the client letter, but can produce the email exchange conversation/mail that the client doesn't issue client letters. My only question is my vendor cannot provide the MSA between them and the client? Is it still possible? Please let me know.