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  1. Jadoo234

    H1B stamping after solicitation conviction

    @help786 Get certified copies of all the court documents. Case docket and Case dismissal/disposition. When are you planing to go for stamping ?
  2. @Saketkumar1980 I am in the same situation got arrested but case got dismissed. I have some questions and wanted to chat with you.
  3. new2immi I have arrest record but my case got dismissed. I have some questions and need your help quickly.
  4. Jadoo234

    H1B stamping experience with arrest record

    @murthy.user and @Thankfulbob, I need your help I am in the same boat as you guys. The only difference is case dismissed with out any community service or plead guilty. 1. How would i obtain the Immigration letter ? Any format and such that i can get (really appreciate that) 2. For Criminal records, Certified criminal report from state ? Is it from Police department or somewhere else ? 3. Is there a way i can talk with etiher of you ? My visa dates is coming soon and wanted to chat ? thank you guys in advance
  5. Jadoo234

    Successful visa stamp after case dismissal

    @sam3215 @Sam3895 Hey Guys need your help. I am in the same boat My case was dismissed 2017 without plead guilty from court. How can i obtain the Immigration Memo and Certificate of clearance ? I really appreciate your help. @sam3215 i also have PM you directly. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. Jadoo234

    H1b visa stamping with Dismissed criminal record

    Hi @sam337481, I am in same boat and wanted to know what information to fill out in ds-160 form.