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  1. Normally employers ask for more right so they requested, even before I transferred they did the same. I will check with them. We almost got all documents, but without SOW is it ok to answer RFE. I have Work order.
  2. We have not asked for 3 years, according to RFE, we requested from may 14th 2020 to May 13th 2021, but the WO and Client letter has the date 12/31/2020. So in this case client will not change the date, so now my employer should match what the WO and Client letter has right?
  3. We have not asked for 3 years, according to RFE, we requested from may 14th 2020 to May 13th 2021, but the WO and Client letter has the date 12/31/2020. So in this case client will not change the date, so now my employer should match what the WO and Client letter has right?
  4. Yes, Work order is only till 12/31/2020 with possible extensions and we requested beyond that date.
  5. I have this format Employer--Vendor--Service provider--Client. These are the documents we collected. let me know if these are sufficient, 1.Work order from client which has dates. 2.Client letter with dates matching Work Order. 3.Vendor Letter. 4.There is a service provider between my vendor and Client so I have Signed agreement between vendor and service provider. 5. Specialty occupation Expert opinion letter. 6. Detailed Job duties with skills and tools used. Do we need any additional documents like 1.Do I also need a signed agreement between client and Service provider? Service provider details are on client letter. 2. Iam Masters degree here, do we need transcripts or any other documents?
  6. I applied my H1B in March in Premium and I got RFE for Availibitly of Specialty Occupation Work at EndClient. I provided Client letter, Vendor letter and agreements. RFE stated that the evidence submitted is insufficient to establish that there is specific and non speculative specialty occupation caliber work available for beneficiary for the duration requested for validity period because, the "The letters are not contractual evidence of work". 1.To Answer this RFE what all documents we need to submit? 2. What all additional evidences do I need to provide?
  7. Ved1226

    H1/H4 Extension

    Initially my H1 was expired on Dec 31st and I did a H1 transfer in December and I got extension approved until May 2020,I also applied for H4 in December and biometrics is scheduled Feb 27th. Since my H1 is expiring in May 2020, iam applying extenstion this month and again I had to apply H4. The previous h4 ext is still in progress can we reapply again? After biometrics in Feb is done, do we need to go for biometrics again?
  8. Ved1226

    H4 Appllcation submitted but no reciept

    yes, and biometrics is scheduled too
  9. Recently I did my H1 transfer and with that approval notice I applied for h4 for my wife. Our I94 is expired on Jan 10th and we didn't receive approval notice for H4 application but the package is deleiverd at USCIS on Dec 27th. My wife is still legal to stay?
  10. I got H1 transfer approved and I want to move to new employer. My current employer applied for I140 3 years back. If I move out, will my employer has any chance of revoking my 140? Also my employer started giving me the pay that is on LCA and he is keeping remaining amount with him. Iam asking him and he says the there are some RFE's of paying more that wage that is on LCA, is it true? Iam going to start new job with new employer next week, I get my pay on Dec 16th and if I don't tell my employer, can I work with other employer until I get my money?
  11. Ved1226

    Multiple H1B Transfers

    Thanks. Right now iam not sure which petition will get approved, so iam kind of accepting both offers and signing the agreements(which don't have time period), and based on approvals I will decide which one to join. Since I don't have much time I will go for the one which gets first. Ima not sure if dealing this way is ok but I don't have much options.
  12. Ved1226

    Multiple H1B Transfers

    Thank you very much.
  13. Ved1226

    Multiple H1B Transfers

    Currently iam working for employer A and my H1b is expiring on Dec 31st. Applied extension and RFE was issued to provide client letter and relation between prime vendor and client, and we didnt recieve any documents needed for RFE from either client and prime vendor .And the client and prime vendor relation ship is also ending this year on Dec 31st, My client manager asked me to come up with alternatives to continue at the same client as an other option i worked with one of the other prime vendor and applied for visa transfer through that prime vendor and my employer A doesn't know it. With all these going on i was also looking projects outside I got an offer in another client for the same employer A and started Visa extension process. Same day i got another offer with employer B and they started processing transfer. All these are happening same time --> Prime Vendor is applying transfer for my existing client --> Current Employer A is applying extension with client A -->Employer B is applying transfer with Client B My question is 1. Can we apply 2 transfers while my extension with same employer is in process with different client? 2. If the extension is denied, will other two transfers will be denied? 3. Since i don't know if my extension or transfers will approve i accepted all 3 and which ever approval comes first i was thinking to continue with them? Is this ok?