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  1. emp789

    New lawfirm and expunged misdemeanor

    I went to visa renewal three times after the incident and always mentioned it on DS160. Every time they asked about the incident, I said it truthfully and got it stamped.
  2. I had a class A misdemeanor in 2010 for shoplifting . The case is dismissed after taking class and paying fine. I also got this expunged. I went for 3 H1B renewals after this issue and got stamped and didnt have any issues at port of entry. I never informed this to my immigration lawers or manager till now. This year, my company changed law firms for immigration and they sent me a questionnaire to fill which includes question " have you ever been arrested, charged or convicted anywhere in the world (even if its dismissed or expunged). I will be answering "Yes" to this question and provide details saying " I was charged in 2010 , the case is dismissed and expunged. " Do i have to provide more details of the crime ? Also, what implications i might have with the new law firm knowing about my charge? Do they inform my manager/HR and can they fire me? I work as a data analyst in my company. Please advice and provide your suggestions