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Ashok Talakokkula

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  1. Ashok Talakokkula

    J2 to H1B

    Dear Team, Can a J2 Visa holder apply to H1B? J1 is subject to Home residency restriction. Looking forward to your reply. Thank you! Ashok
  2. Ashok Talakokkula

    J1 to greencard

    Dear Team, Greetings! I and my spouse moved to the USA from India on J1 and J2 Visa program respectively in Dec 2017 for a Post Doctoral Research position (in the field of computational biophysics/biochemistry) and section 212e is applied to us. My spouse is having J2 EAD and he is currently doing IT consulting work and we are blessed with a baby here in the USA. As home residency of 2 years is applied to us after completing 5years on the J1 visa program. We would like to stay back in the USA for a longer duration bypassing (i.e., taking waiver) this home residency restriction of 2 years after completing 5years on the J1 visa program. We would like to explore the best possible ways that can help both of us should able to work in the USA. The following are a few questions that we have on top of our head right now. Hoping that the answers to them will help us for the better path/ options in our case - 1. Is applying H1b a good option for my spouse who is currently on a J2 visa? 2. How much J1 waiver takes if applied today? 3. After waiver approval, will my J-visa status converts to H1b directly or does it requires processing time 4. Once I move to H1b how much time it may take for my spouse to get H4 EAD? 5. Can I apply for GreenCard while I am on the J1 Visa program so that my spouse continues to work in the USA? I appreciate your help in this matter. Thank you!