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    Sister In Law B1/B2 denied - Should she reapply?

    The only thing that has changed is - She applied last time for herself and her son (who is in 8th grade). She applied with her son and she thought she can take a visa for him and then potentially travel later after he finishes 10th grade. Now she is thinking if applying for herself and leaving the son back in India would create a case. Again she wants to visit US before she takes up a new job in 2020 but then she doesn't want to reapply if this is not a significant change
  2. My wife's sister applied for a B1/B2 visa to visit us in USA for a month. However the complication was, she had taken a break from her job and is divorced. I think CO felt that she is a prime candidate to come to US and get married to a US citizen. She definitely is not in any intention to do so. She has kid in India. Is it a good idea to re-apply? She doesn't want to re-apply if the chances are very slim