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  1. geetanjali.yadav

    Status update for DS 3035 online

    Hello everyone, Need your help with a query. I sent my DS 3035 form along with other supporting documents like Money order, self-addressed stamped envelopes to the DOS, MO address by courier. It has been picked up from the post office when I tracked it. However, there is no update on my online portal. The case has not been open yet. It would be great if someone can throw light on how soon the update is made? Its been 11 days now. I have started to worry. P.S: I sent letter-sized stamped enveloped instead of legal size by mistake. Is that a problem? If yes, please guide. I can send them the whole envelope again. Please respond. It's urgent. Thanks in advance. Geetanjali
  2. geetanjali.yadav

    NORI Certificate

    To obtain NORI from Passport office/home department/MHRD, you need to do the following: 1. Get the affidavit and biodata notarized and then stamped from the nearest Indian embassy 2. Submit point 1 to the three offices along with with supporting documents (J1 visa, ds 2019, passport copies etc.) in their NORU department. 3. Wait for the three offices to issue you NORI. (Some like home department and passport office can take longer time due to police verification, MHRD is online process and quickest of all). Hope this Helps
  3. Generally the 221 (g) - administrative processing can take up to 60 days. Don't worry. I got mine cleared on the 30th day.
  4. geetanjali.yadav

    J-1 app packet sent-no updates on portal

    Hello J-1 waiver aspirants! After getting NORI from literally everywhere, I sent my DS 3035 containing package to DOS, in St. Louis by courier and a NOC was also sent from the Washington D.C Indian embassy to DOS, Washington, DC. However, I see no updates on the DS 3035 portal. Its been a week. Should I start getting worried? My timeline: App packet sent on Feb 4- Delivered on Feb 7 NOC from Indian Embassy sent on Feb 5 to DOS, Washington Is there anyone in the same situation as mine? Thanks
  5. geetanjali.yadav

    Self-addressed envelopes / WAIVER J1

    Option A
  6. geetanjali.yadav

    J1 NORI waiver Chennai Passport Office

    Hi, The address to send NORI document is: Officer, Passport Office Royala Towers №2 and 3, IV Floor, Old No. 785, New No. 158, Anna Salai, Chennai, Tamil Nadu-600002 Hope that helps