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  1. SupariSharma

    H1b under 221g

    What will happen to the existing H1b under 221g? Will there be no response?
  2. SupariSharma

    H1b 221g - clocks ticking?

    The validity of the H1b is till December 2020. I got a 221g asking for multiple documents and a few colors were combined for questions, 1. Since I have not gone to US yet, does it mean that time on this H1b will be untouched? As in, the H1b is valid through Dec 2020 and I have been waiting on this visa for an year and then on 221g for 5 months; will this year and a half be taken away if the consulate officer feels like it? Or can I refute it in my next new petition? 2. Is F1 to H1b on a COS not allowed in 2010? (cap exempt) Officer seemed to have no idea why this was made possible and argued for 40 mins. I even worked for several employers for 3 years after that. Perhaps just a training issue for the officers I would assume, please confirm 3. With Covid 19 story, will the H1b be deliberately instructed to be denied? Are there people receiving denial without cause? It is expensive and it would be a monetary loss, hence the question. Perhaps we can use an attorney to claim the money back? 4. Lets assume this H1b gets approved with just 1 month left. Will there be a work from home issue, even if I say that there is a live in office arrangement through which am working?
  3. SupariSharma

    Case Number 221g format

    CO gave me 221g that has 2020 XXX YYY followed by the letter Z. Is this a valid format for the Case Number or is this some sort of hole that was dug up for me?
  4. SupariSharma

    Complicated 221g - will officer consider?

    So, this is my lesson from which you can hopefully learn now. I couldn't have done anything different, because I was from that time period. 1. Always ask for W-2, say that you have to file for taxes 2. When employer is delaying or not paying, please call USCIS right away, you get immunity, otherwise you get overstay 3. When employer threatens, you don't need an attorney, you can take help from DOL/ DHS and USCIS 4. Employers who threaten are weak and have many weaknesses that you can investigate and use against them, please do that 5. Never negotiate with such employers, they will not ever give you anything. Complaint till they go away, get them deported 6. There are ways from IRS that you can get your W-2/ other documents/ W-2 not filed at all - use substitute 4852/1040 4852/1040-x for previous years, there are ways to get out of this tunnel. Do not alert the fraudulent employer whilst doing so. When they respond saying we don't have it, just leave it like that and look helpless. Later, attach that email as evidence and file for 3949 - A (IRS Tax Fraud complaint). This is a must, we are the only victims, no one else loses. Only IRS and we lose if we don't do the due diligence. Last but not the least, if you are from a prior period, that is before 2017, when the reformation was not in effect with 60 days of overstay immunity, you can still request by evidencing W-2. Request that it was employer fault. At this point, you cannot call DOL. However, you can leave a note with USCIS Tip Line. ****** There is another amendment that needs to be made, raising this with DHS - the Beneficiary of the 797 cannot retrieve any information or get any help from USCIS support line as they need to have petitioner present with them. This means, beneficiary doesn't get any rights to receive Tier-2 support or reporting fraud related to the employer or seek immunity for that matter. All the tier-2 is reserved for the employers, this makes the system biased.
  5. I realized after about a week, when my impulses subsided that the officer went off on a lymph and offered me an opportunity to reconcile with sins. 1. Three different employers from various time periods 2009, 2014, did not pay the tax they owe to the IRS 2. IRS system available to officer shows that there was no record of payment, hence, confusing the officer into thinking I was lying about being employed 3. One of them shut down and ran (for many other reasons including filing a GC for himself), traced him out and submitted him to ICE, USCIS and IRS 4. Employer 2 and 3 were tricky and were trying to hide it by saying they have filed in against incorrect SSN. 99%, they never bothered to file 5. Called IRS went for 3949 - A. While their funeral rituals take place, I prepared alternative documents with the IRS and am submitting them 6. I know you would ask my why I did not do it right awayyy and why not DOL. DOL has 12 months lock and after that it can't do anything. Another reason being - all this happened in a time when employer was at ease to threaten employee with same day firing and deportation, which they did. We did not have this 60 day luxury and ICE is fast moving agency. I was given no paystubs as a back up. The last one even forced to attend interview in India without 797/paystubs or W-2, that's when I left, gave up because it was not worth the pressure. Question : Will officer understand and consider this? Considering I caught 3 criminals (ofcourse with this 221g), then coordinated across many departments including CBP and ICE and IRS/SSA, to get them a fine of unlimited amount exceeding 3 million each. Willful negligence with IRS lands amount that pleases IRS to land on the penalty as plating, plus any other toppings they so please to add.
  6. Could it be possible that they are looking to absorb him in the US cuz of his single status? He would start doing things to 'not leave the country' (in this case, I mean the United States) If, he fits the EU men profile, then he is a good catch (apparently!)
  7. SupariSharma

    corrupt VFS worker and fingerprint change

    I know!! That's an Indian! :) I have posted an update on my 221g
  8. SupariSharma

    Address Change for I-797 issue

    I have an important question on preventing visa fraud. When I get approval and go to the US, the old address is still eligible to receive the I-797 by unauthorized means. This is the India address that I would have entered in the DS-160. How do I inform the USCIS not to send any copies of I-797 to this address that am leaving? My address would technically change to a US address. Sincerely, Supari
  9. Hi, I wanted to share generic things that I noticed in the consulate offices in India. US embassy in India is more complex and very difficult to go about due to higher volume and obvious nervousness!! eee Chennai Layout : current improved layout : 1. First step, when you see the embassy entrance under the overhead bridge. There is a platform with fence (neat), where people start to wait. There is a security officer aligning the queue. There is a queue with about 20-30 members that forms whether or not you come at 12:15 time slot. They are sent in quickly though, despite the queue formation. No ear phones etc., the usual. There is a fat guy who looks like a thief who hounds you for items that he can store for you in his locker. He accepts valuables, cell phones, ear phones, other metal stuff and charges Rs 600 and above. Time : 10 mins 2. There is a security check that has the large door thingy, you pass through that, while all you stuff goes through X-Ray on the left side. Women are taken into a second scan on the right in a closed screen tent like place. They just run metal thingy around you and swipe you up to double check. Men, on left in open space for swipe check. Time 3-5 mins 3. There is a room with chairs on the left side, cameras all over. One officer like receptionist and another one to escort the batch inside. Time 10 mins 4. Then there is a narrow corridor like place that you will pass through, riddled with various security groups and scanners, pass through that and an open space facing the sky and this is when you enter the actual interview location - US embassy in Chennai 5. There are a few staircases and then on the left there is a door, when the 20 of us go in through that glass and metal combined door that also resembles hospital doors, there is a very quite place with just one A/C running, heavy duty. There are 5 security members in the room couping us and lining us up and telling us where to go and which counter to go to. There are total of 10+ counters now - 5 of the counters are facing you and 5 counters are in 90 degrees and you have to take a turn to go to them. The Right most officer is kind, very well read, polished man, tall so on. In the middle towards the left, there are visa deniers. Women 20-35 age group, no visa approvals seen so far with women. The 5 counters on the 90 degree angle, couldn't see them as I was front facing. From the look in their faces, am thinking nothing good. Question : I am nervous and I have following questions 1. If I faint after giving my passport to the officer, what happens, do I get the passport back right away for another interview? 2. If am too nervous, can I just tell them nope-nope, its too hot in here and run outside? (I would not have given anything to them to start with) 3. What is the layout in Delhi, can someone please tell me so I can mentally picture it... please.....
  10. SupariSharma

    H1b revoked earlier in 2013

    It was the I-797 that was revoked. The answer is No, Thanks Gopal and JoeF
  11. SupariSharma

    H1b revoked earlier in 2013

    Q. Has your visa ever been revoked - would the answer be Yes?
  12. SupariSharma

    H1b revoked earlier in 2013

    1. Thanks 2. gray area, I was beyond 60 days. I-94 expiry was good, it wasn't for another year 3. I did not go for Visa Stamping. I simply abandoned and it took 4 months for confusion to subside. I hired private attorney and got clarity. I returned to India and never appeared for stamping. So, in this case, is the answer to the Q. Has your visa ever been revoked, Yes? Thanks, Supari
  13. SupariSharma

    221g (White Slip) Out of status

    So Vespa ji, what happened finally?
  14. SupariSharma

    H1b revoked earlier in 2013

    An approved H1b visa was later revoked due to non-appearance in consulate office in 2013. I was not informed on timely basis by the company. There was work done and pay received for 4 months on this H1b visa before it was revoked. 1. Does it amount to anything illegal? Am thinking no, because work was only performed when the Visa was approved in status. 2. After visa is revoked, how much time is left for person to leave country? a) Standard 60 days b) I-94 expiry c) previous I-797 copy expiry date d) current I-797 copy expiry date 3. Has your visa ever been revoked? Answer should be yes? GL, Supari
  15. SupariSharma

    corrupt VFS worker and fingerprint change

    Okay, an update to this. I panic when I see something like that, but it is for a reason. So here is the remedy :- 1. Do not take DS - 160 answers/questions to the VFS, they will somehow find a way to take that from you. Leave that in the house. 2. Take only 2 pages and PASSPORT i) DS-160 Confirmation page its a one page document with the 2nd and 3rd page instructions ii) Visa Confirmation Page - the page where it asks you whether it should email it to you 3. Do NOT give your Mother's Maiden Name 4. Do NOT give your EMAIL address, they will hound you for it, do not give it, lie if you have to 5. Now, for someone vanilla like me, I gave away everything to these hounders. What to do in that case? This is also useful for people who have already submitted the documents and fingerprinting and are waiting to meet the officer a. Enter the cgi federal website (make sure this is a miserable password and no one can crack it) b. This is the account that is very important. Change personal details on the left panel c. After our visa information, there is a section with confirmation number "AA00xxxxx" Take a note of this number d. Go to ceac state gov site and attempt to modify the previous application, it will say that its been submitted already and you are given option to create a new one. Create a new one. You will get another "AA..." number e. Enter the new AA confirmation number on the CGI Federal website and click on SAVE. As a tip, if your MM name has been compromised, change that with a .. if possible. I also sent an email to fraud@ustraveldocs.com After my stamping, I will update you on what happened. If there are discrepancies to what you have entered like you have traveled to London as tourist and that's not there in the 160, there will be serious probing. Just play serious and act serious.....GL!