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  1. florence

    Fiancee Visa Processing

    It was approved. We got the 797 in Dec and interview in March
  2. I know the executive order is not finalized yet. But would “stop green card process” affect someone coming in as a fiancée?
  3. florence

    inviting Fiancee on visitor visa

    Just curious, did your fiancee travel on visitor visa? Any issues?
  4. florence

    Fiancee Visa Processing

    I am a US citizen applied for my fiancee from India, in June. So far, I have not heard anything back other than the receipt of notice with a application number. Is this normal? Is there a way to find out how far behind we are in the processing queue? Any ways to fast track it? My friend mentioned a lawyer who claims its possible to check the expected processing time/delay using some number they stamp on the back of the payment cheque. Is this true?