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  1. Hello i am divorced with my husband in India..i would like to know if my foreign divorce will be recognized in US? As i only have a copy not the original. How do i update my marital status in US? As its still showing that i am married. Also do i need to file for divorce again in US? I dont know my ex husband location or anything. I dont know what step i should take? Please advice.
  2. Sonyahendrick

    Applied for visitor visa

    Hello i am an US citizen and my husband is an international student in canada. We recently had a daughteer here in canada and she is a canadian citizen. I m currently staying with my husband in canada since i gave birth. My husband recently applied for US visit visa and he has an interview next month.. since i cant sponsor him on immigration visa because i have stayed in canada since we got married and havent work since then and i am not able to financially sponsor him for immigration which is why he had to apply for visit visa so that way we can go together and visit my family there. My question is... if they ask him during the interview why do u wanna visit usa ? What he would say? And what are the possiblities that his visa will be approved?? And what would be the appropiate reason for him to tell them at the interview?