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    DWI on F1

    Recently I was charged with a DWI misdemeanor B in the morning while returning home (TX). My car was stuck and when cops assessed me I stumbled in field sobriety test. On paper it says I refused to be breathalyzed but in paranoia I missed their request for the same. Previously I had misd B and C but they have already been dismissed and nothing concerning happened. I have tried to avoid any sort of trouble after they were resolved but unfortunately now need to deal with this DWI case. I have appointed the attorney that has helped me with the previous cases. I’m currently still on F1 visa and will graduate in one more semester. I am informed that tentatively this case will go on for next 6 months. As of now My concerns are: Will I be deported ? During the period of case being solved do I need to worry about anything related to deportation or removal? Is or will my visa be revoked ? : In a situation if it does will I be able to come back and complete my graduation and continue further. I really need some guidance on this topic as I am beyond terrified and demoralized. I really really appreciate your opinion on this topic.