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  1. Hi all need your valuable suggestions here,

    As my H1b is approved, before giving me the document my employer have me signed an agreement that says I need to stay with him for 3yrs or else I will be liable to pay $xxxxx. Is it really like this, some colleagues say me that we are not bound to any employer as we are free to transfer H1 to any other employer if we get a good employement.

    Will I be liable to pay what ever the amount as per contract.



  2. Hi,


    I got my H1-B approved on Oct 11 2019. But My employer says that I got I-797B and needs to leave the Country ASAP for stamping. I understand that I-797B means an original approval notice with no I-94 attached. I'm studying in xxxxxx school and my DSO Emailed me saying that effective oct 11, my SEVIS record is terminated. Below are some questions running through my mind

    1. I got I-797B, and still has a I-94 record and effective today 

    Admission (I-94) Record Number : xxxxxxxxxxxx

    Most Recent Date of Entry: 2xxx September xx

    Class of Admission : F1

    Admit Until Date : D/S

    Details provided on the I-94 Information form:

    Last/Surname :xxxxx

    First (Given) Name :xxxx

    Birth Date :xxxx December xx

    Passport Number :xxxxxxxx

    Country of Issuance :India



    Does this mean that I can Stay in country or I have to leave the country