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  1. ShubhamBankar

    J1 waiver and passport renewal

    exactly, I have the same issue and got same response in advisory opinion
  2. ShubhamBankar

    Section 212(E) discrepancy on J2 stamping and DS 2019

    Did you finally applied for waiver or just went with your H1B? My DS2019 does not match with my passport stamp? Please help me with this
  3. Have you started working on your NOSs documents from NORI or Ind Gov?
  4. ShubhamBankar

    NORI Certificate

    Hi, I am in process of getting NOSs. Have you received your all three NOSs?
  5. ShubhamBankar

    One J1 Waiver for two J1 visas

    Hi, you probably would need two J1 waiver to cancel out your HRR. Can you please help with the process getting NOSs? -Shubham
  6. ShubhamBankar

    NORI NOCs and J1 Waiver and address change

    Hi Kunal, I think all the NOCs need to go the Indian Embassy at Washington DC. I am planning to initiate the process of getting NOSs. Can you please give me some advice or suggestion on that? I am still in US.
  7. ShubhamBankar

    J-1 waiver timeline 2018-19

    Can you help me with No Objection Statement? what is the procedure for that? How can I get it done quickly?
  8. ShubhamBankar

    J1 Waiver

    Hi there, Have you started working on waiver through NOS? what is your current status on that?
  9. ShubhamBankar

    How soon can I apply for J-1 waiver?

    Hi Ram, I think you need to get J1 waiver approved even to get H1B approved or even before the extension of your AT period. Have you started applying for NOS from Indian Gov or through NORI?
  10. ShubhamBankar

    J1 trasfer after getting NORI approved

    Hi there, As long as you do not change your J1 status to any other status, it should be fine. You can change the university while maintaining your J1 but after that you can not apply for H1B unless you get the waiver. I just recently joined this forum and in process of getting NORi approved. Would like to contact on email? my email is sbankar311@gmail.com. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.